I believe there’s a reason

your shattered heart’s been revealed

even when you refuse to mention

or worry you may never heal


I know I’m just a stranger

in this other part of universe

I don’t even know how to make you feel better

Even a single poke might turn it worse


Hello, shattered heart

Once again, I’m taking a break from my logic

just to mend your hidden scars

Hopefully, you’ll no longer get sick


Talk to me

I’m right here



(Jakarta, 17/10/2017 – 8:40 am)

2 thoughts on ““HELLO, SHATTERED HEART””

  1. hi thanks alot i know iam the worst by using u all now after ignoring u all my life for trying to get the stuff u worked on .
    i dont need u or other and i will not annooy u i just was in avery dangerous situation that my usual googling and searching was slow and reading book still slow to get to my answer . ididnt wanna die in this long history of people so .
    apologize .
    iwill read science rocket nasa medical physics chemistry math all from 0 i dont want to bother ur imaginary brain . i apologize i know iam stupied but i love it that one day i went to school and graduated as the stupidest person there , at least i went .
    now i must learn martial art i must live in syria and asking aften for few help from 1 world country , my apology but this the best of me now i count my age now when iam 33 bone as just a8 years kid trying to begin from 0
    this is my first time for me to try to seek ajob .
    i just dont want other kids like me to get manipulated and be the dum for another new 30 years . i will break this circle and expose all the lie .
    with little help thanks world play warrior

  2. my apology please accept it big one ..
    i will talk only to the start to the sky and let it shake to be watch and to watch .
    thanks alot alot

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