Private Life of a House of Five (Xemera) Party!

Things have been pretty busy around here since someone had a birthday recently. Mae is another year older and we celebrated the best way possible: bar! All of us went out to a karaoke bar and had a blast! We sang Devil Went Down to Georgia, Wish, Drink, Get Up, The House That Built me, and Fallen Angels! Of course we had drinks! 

Beer, shots, we had it all and we even partied the night before (man was I feeling it) and I was tasting the leftover spaghetti again as it came back up after a few beers. I’m a bit of a lightweight. But that night at the bar was crazy fun! Maybe a little too much fun for Mae since we all had to carry her out of the bar and help get her home. No drunk fast food for her.

So here’s how everything happened…

We got home and finally got her through the door okay and we decided to get her a cold shower to help sober her up a bit since the constant vomiting wasn’t doing much good. We started the water, but then she said that she had to poop (haha) so we left the bathroom and waited. Ten minutes later we hear what sounds like a growl coming from the bathroom. We got worried and went in to check on her. We’ve walked in on each other plenty of times so it doesn’t bother any of us in case you couldn’t tell by Aiden’s entry. Ugh I can still smell that meat disaster.

Anyway, we open the door and Mae is laying on the floor half dressed asleep! The sound we heard was her snoring. We shut off the shower and FINALLY got her to bed and asleep. It’s been crazy, but fun! We all had a fun time.  

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