90. My sister is my keeper

Having the opportunity to be home a little more, I’ve had the chance to spend more time with the pups. They have taken to my family very nicely, even Tux. Dakota has quickly become everyone’s favorite, as she’s calmed down a lot since the dog fight. At this point, she follows commands better then Tux. I’m not sure if it’s because of Lola leaving, but he’s very rambunctious, defiant, and stubborn. 

It may be time for that little…. snip, snip. 


My my sister has become my best friend. It’s odd if I don’t see her everyday of the week. She’s been there for me as an amazing support system with everything going on. She’s been helping tremendously with the dogs, so I can continue working the long hours I do. From feedings them, taking them out, for walks, or just playing with them. Dakota has absolutely fallen in love with Liz, it’s the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

Friday night? I believe, I had dinner with a girl. It was a good time, just talked watched criminal minds. Awkward, I spent the night, how ever we slept on different ends of the couch. No kissing, no cuddling, no flirting. It was like I just had dinner with Brooke. 

At this point, I’m not even sure why I’m still trying. 


I still ill haven’t gotten all the ins and out of my Grannies estate together. It’s a lot more then I expected, plus adding proof of my name change has been difficult enough. I had it changed years ago, and not sure where the paper has floated to. Puts me in a bind, as the paper work for the money has to be in very shortly, I haven’t decided if I want a lump sum, or for it to be distributed over a few years. 


Do I take the money now, pay everything off, and book it to Cali sooner, or do I take a portion of it, pay things off, then save for Cali, leaving later. How ever, that option guarantees me a fat pay check the same time every year. I’m not entirely sure if I could trust my self not to blow through all of it, ya know on dogs and tatts. Hahaha. Dreams. 



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