[98] ~*Sat – 10/21/17*~

[9:48 pm]

I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. Every morning it’s the same thing, I wish for my first client to cancel so I can stay in bed which rarely happens. Mostly happens either Mon or Fri. Anyways, I watched TV shows until like 12:30 and then read until 1 and took my pill. I then read the news and some Journals so it was prob around 1:30 am by the time I fell asleep. Of course I had also done my tasks on the game. I just wish the reset was earlier in the day cause I always want to do them before bed in case I don’t end up having time during the day but I really want to try and be asleep by midnight to get at least eight hours when I work for 9 in the morning. 

Also, that husband of mine. He came to bed like 10 mins before I had to get up. Bleh! I had done good, hadn’t checked the time up to then and well that was it. The last 10 mins were hell cause I didn’t really have time to sleep some more. I do believe I needed to start taking my pill thought as much as I wanted to stay away from it. A month was pretty good but now that I’m back on it, I realize that I had started waking up a lot more without. I don’t really recall waking up during the night. I know I turn around but I fall back asleep right away so I don’t remember. That dear husband of mine also decided to make himself some food last night. I had just done his dishes of the day before and this morning there was more in the sink than the day before. Bleh! Why does he uses so many dishes. I also saw that he hadn’t clean the suggies kitchen so I was wondering if he’d be doing it before work which to my surprise, he did. I got home and all the dishes were in the dishwasher. I think something might be wrong. I asked him what was up and he said he needed to start helping with things in the house. I then asked him if he planned on leaving me since he wanted to “learn” how to do things. Let see how long this will last.

So last night I decided I needed a bath although I didn’t wanted too cause that could be a show I’d be watching but I needed to relax my body. I took a bath but put an alarm to make sure I wouldn’t be in it for more than half an hour cause god knows I love staying in the tub. 

Today I went out with my first client and I had already decided I was gonna go nap in between but then I received an email from one of the MS I do and they wanted me to do one. The only time I had available was today between my clients or waking up earlier on Tue to do it and I don’t feel like getting up for that on Tue so I decided to get it done today. I took my friend with me as I needed a guest and hub was sleeping. I spent more money than I should of but I really wanted the dry ribs as an appetizer, I couldn’t resist. Oh well, I didn’t make any money but at least it only costed me like $7 for our food. 

I went to the movies with my client and we saw Geostorm which was better than I expected. Not too long into the movie I could feel myself falling asleep so I started eating the chips I had brought with me. I wasn’t hungry as I had went out to eat before the movie but I had to try something to keep myself from sleeping and it worked. Haha! I then got interested in the movie.

Talking about movies, I might go see two of them on Tue. Hub wants to see The Foreigner and I want to see The Snowman so maybe we could go see both. We should be saving our money but we haven’t been going to the movie too much lately. We only go when mom comes to town as I always see everything with my client. We also need to bring in the car for its safety on Tue. We shall see!

Right now I’m watching some shows as I still have about 10 to watch. I’m also doing some laundry and will try my very best to put it away as I go. I first washed our bed sheets and as I’m writing this the dryer just stopped so I should go and make the bed and put some laundry away before I decide to just leave it in the basket.


[11:04 pm]

Just wanted to say that I did pretty good. I finally put away the laundry and did the bed. I still have a small load in the dryer but I will try to put it away before going to bed as it should be dry by then. Now I really need to try and keep up with it and put away the laundry as I do it and not leave it in the basket or the dryer. Good luck to me with that one. Haha!




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