A quiet little fluff

She sits and watches me sideways, and I wonder what she thinks about. She had a nightmare last night, and woke me with her little grunts and whimpers. I got up and patted her little head and petted her nose until her heartbeat calmed. My little love, my little one, my angel with fluffy ears. She is quiet, but her personality speaks volumes. A nudge tells me she missed me, and a headbutt says she’s not done with attention. I wonder what it is she dreams of, this little thing that softens my calloused heart. She feels my pain and comforts me when I’m broken. I try to return the favor when she’s scared or hurt. My quiet, sweet little girl with big, soft, brown eyes and a twitchy little nose. The panacea that helped to heal what death tore apart, she is a small corner of peace and solace in a bitter, gritty world. My little nudge, a quiet little fluff.

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