New Teachers, New Classes, And A New Maths Experaince (21st Oct, 17)

Note: This diary entry contains different moments of the day 21st Oct, 17, in a form of full fledged story.


I had no single idea that I could ever, ever like Mathematics.

“So, what do we have next?” I asked Malika in Urdu, an Indian friend of mine.

“Ma-” She began, but was interrupted by Shaheen, my another friend. (Note to self: Shaheen is Shaheen’s nickname, not real name. Shaheen means ‘falcon’ in my mother language.)

“Maths.” Said Shaheen.

“Oh, shit.” I muttered. For the reply of my new friends’ confused faces, I continued, “I hate Maths.”

“Me, too!” Shaheen said, somewhat excited by the fact we have something in common.

“Is Maths’ teacher strict?” I asked. My previous Maths teacher, in my previous school, was a monster. I hated her, and she hated me. Thank God I am saved from that daily one hour (and sometimes two hour) torture from Mrs.Hiba.

“No!” Malika answered, as the three of us started climbing the stairs that took us upstairs, where was our class. “She’s very nice. She jokes in class and is funny, mostly. But, remember to do the homework.”

Of course, homework was no problem to me once I understood the subject perfectly. In fact, I have a habit of completing of all my homework since grade one. I never have been scolded (since first grade, mind you) for incomplete homework.

“Hmm.” I mumbled, having climbed all the stairs, we took the turn to class sixth. It arrived in a blink, and then we were inside the class.

Malika went to her seat, which was in front, while I took the back seat. Toubaa, a nice girl from our class, grabbed her Mathematics’ book and notebook and came to sit beside me. Following her suite, Shaheen was settled beside me, too.

Then we were in a conversation, talking about a topic related to Maths (I have forgotten it; such a short-term memory may God never give to other people). About five minutes later, the Maths teacher came in.


I was surprised by her appearance.

Even though I was told numerous times that the Maths teacher is very nice, I had still imagined a strict faced, older woman with a 15KG purse with her. But she turned out to be a nice, soft-faced woman, beautiful all a Maths teacher could be. She was wearing a black coat and pants, with a black Hijab wrapped neatly around her head. She was holding a Mathematics’ book in her hand, smiling as she entered the class. She told everybody good morning, and everybody replied back, except me. I don’t know why, but I didn’t replied.

She went to the teachers’ desk and sat down, checking notebooks (or probably it was some other work, since then was when I started to lose my surroundings because of a daydream). Halfway through my daydream, I heard Shaheen shake me.

“Huh?” I asked her. She nodded towards the teacher.

“Hello? Fatima?”

Then I realized that she was talking to me from a time, but I was in a daydream. When I read books, these things occurred on first or second days of institution. I thought it was just a Mary Sue thingy. But now I knew that it’s so human, that it occurred to me (yes, I’m calling myself a human).

“Oh, yes?”

“I was telling you that it’s nice to meet you.”

“Thank you!” I said, but then immediately regretted. Is there any more stupider answer that I could give her?

I was surprised by the fact that I actually cared about what she thought of me. I was trying to be arrogant, since Maths is a subject I hate. But now, I understood the fact clearly about my hatred for the subject. It was because of my previous teacher, who had nothing to do except to scold me all the time. The topic could be anything, literally: my absence, my work, my attention, my habits, my discipline (even though I was a Discipline Manager!). Mrs. Hiba only noticed the bad in me. She never cared about the good I possess.

As the lesson began, I actually started to find it interesting. We were learning the two methods to find HCF and LCM: by 1) prime factorization and 2) long division method/common division method. The way the teacher softly explained everything was making the icy wall between me and Maths to melt. I found myself liking Maths. It was easy, and fun.

I had no single idea that I could ever, ever like Mathematics.



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