In my class we have decided to go to Italy this year. I’m so pleased. We had been supposed to go to Greece but it had turned out it would have been extortionate.

I have finished Madame Bovary. I can’t remember the last time I was let down by a book I was supposed to read for literature class. Speaking of which, my literature teacher has assigned me the host of this year’s poets’ matinée. There is going to be about 80 people in the audience. My anxiety can’t wait.

This semestre, I suppose Violet has found a different method of bouncing on my nerves as best as she can. Not only has she started wearing bright pink eyeshadow brought almost up to her brow bone without mascara and orange concealer on her under-eyes and on her under-eyes only, she has also told me she’s considering ordering the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. That was the death of me.

I have discovered (5 or 6 years after its release) the song Videogames by Lana del Rey. It’s magical.

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