[99] ~*Sun – 10/22/17*~

[8: 33 pm]

OMG! That husband of mine just stinks. He got home last night and all I could smell was his feet. He really stinks the whole house when he takes off his shoes. He really need to find a way to make it stops cause dang.. It’s a killer!

This morning when I was getting ready to leave for work I started having chest pain. I still worked but it kept happening and then I started having pain in my head. The chest pain wasn’t constant but it was happening every so minute. It was like a tight feeling. The manage was there today and she wanted me to go to the hospital to get checked but I knew they needed me at the store and I’m stubborn. I told her I’d go after work but of course I didn’t go. The pain stopped around 3-4 o’clock and I’m okay now so I don’t see why I should go. I’d spend 8-10 hours at the ER and they will tell me that nothing is wrong. It’s always the case. That said, I’m not going. I’ll go tomorrow night if it happens again.

So yea, my day was a bit hellish as I wasn’t feeling well and the pain was slowing me down big time. It was busy and I didn’t get to do much. The manager wanted the store super clean cause someone from the Head Office is coming tomorrow but that surely didn’t happen. We stayed an extra half hour and the store is still a huge mess. I hate leaving the store in such a mess but what can I do?! My feet are also killing me, I don’t know what’s up with my left foot anymore. The heel is always in pain and of course it’s way worse on Sun when I stay up all day. At the end of the day I could barely stand on it. I should of talked about it to the doc. Bleh!

I got home and I made myself something to eat. I was going to go get something but decided to be good and make myself something instead. I did the dishes but have a few more to do as I didn’t wash what I used as I was doing the dishes while my food was cooking. Hub cleaned the suggies kitchen so that’s good. Hope he keeps it up. I also need to put one load of clothes away as I didn’t do it last night. Not sure if I’ll be doing it tonight as I’m exhausted from my day but I’ll try my very best to do it tomorrow night as I really want to get back on track with putting our clothes away.

Anyways, my brother texted me to see if I had went to see my other brother that’s in the hospital. I told him that sadly I didn’t have the time as it’s a bit more than an hour away and I’m always working. I’ll see how he’s doing when he goes for tests on Mon, then I might go see him depending on the results.

Well, I shall get to watching some shows, I still have five to watch and I want to take a nice bath with no timer tonight as my feet really needs it.




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