Day 1 🖤

I’ve been looking for a while to find a journal not only me but the world can see. And this is my first day on this site and the first day on my social media break. Ive been feeling emotionally unstable thinking about a lot of things. Always asking why. At the same time maybe I don’t need the answers to the questions why. When I was a child that’s when life hit me. My mother didn’t see reality she lost her mind and the only thing that made sense was that she had three babies one of which that was mentally challenged because her brain did not grow. What’s amazing is that to some people remembering there childhood was a blur not to me I remember every detail and every action. Let’s begin. I was about nine or ten in elementary when my mom snatched me and my brother from school where my dad had put us. Without his consent. And then that’s where everything started. My mom had this bestfriend they became close because they had one thing in common and it was they both were strippers. We moved downsouth to Homestead Gould’s Fl, if you look for it on the map it’s the bottom of the bottom of Florida. We get to this four bedroom house that we had to share with my moms Bestfriend and her three out of five children. One room for the girls one room for the boys and our moms got there own rooms. Five kids in a new neighborhood, new territory and I say territory because there were so many kids that live in the same area. Good thing it’s the summer so we have plenty of time to adjust and find new friends. Maybe we didn’t need friend it was five of us. Three girls and our older two brothers. There was a neighborhood park literally walking distance where everybody in the city goes to have a good time. They had there own cheerleaders, foootball players and neighborhood hero’s. The football games on Saturdays was always the move for the city because everybody had brothers and every girl had a crush. We didn’t really know anybody so we fit in where we fit in. I remember my first friend her name was tati and she lived across from me I could literally go outside my house and see hers. She and her family was new too. We became close going to the park together, the pool and everything else. And of course there were boys in the neighborhood cute ones at that like lightskin football playing Rodney. Our neighborhood boys always played football in the middle of the street with our brothers and it was awesome because everything was peaceful but when school started it was a turn for the worse…

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