[100] ~*Mon – 10/23/17*~

[11:36 pm]

Dang! When I was getting out of the tub last night I was looking at myself in the mirror and the doctor really didn’t miss me with that shot. I have a good size bruise where he gave me my shot. Bleh! Talking about bruise, I have one on my leg that’s been there for like at least a year, it just doesn’t go away. Something else I should prob ask the doc about but never do. I swear, a lot of time I feel like my body is 80 years old. I’m just glad a bath helps out with the pain in my feet.

My husband’s uncle had written to me last night about positions being available for Parole Officer. He was on the look out for opportunities for me. I checked real quick about it last night but didn’t apply or anything cause I needed to make an account and didn’t feel like it as I was exhausted. I just wanted to sit there and watch shows. I had told myself I would do it tonight but I don’t even feel like doing it. I don’t even know if I’m going to bother with it cause it will just end up being like the Halfway House and start up with casual. How are you supposed to make it?! I really don’t understand. I’m heartbroken about it cause I don’t think I’ll ever get to work in correctional the way it’s going. So unfair! The guy from the Halfway House answered back saying that it wouldn’t work out with my schedule that if ever it changed, I needed to contact him back. I’m almost tempted to try and change my work schedule so I’d be doing 9 to 5 but then do I really want to change everything around so I might get 10-15 hours at the House per month?! That’s ridiculous! As much as I’d want to work there, it’s just not realistic to me which is sad.

Hub was funny last night. He came in the house without his sneakers. He took them off before coming in the house and left them outside on the steps. It’s just unbelievable! I haven’t took the time as really it’s his job, but I need to look and see if I could find something to help out with that stink.

Anyways, my first client cancelled so I had an extra three hours to sleep. I had a hard time falling back asleep and of course finally did when I didn’t have much time left to sleep. Why do I always fall asleep when there isn’t any time left and I always have a good sleep at the last minute. Blah! My last client also cancelled so I only had my 12 to 4 which was fine with me. We went for a walk. Yay me! The whole time I was thinking about being able to come back home after I was done and nap for two hours before going to the store. I told myself I had to stay up, this going to bed all the time is getting ridiculous. So I called my friend and we went to the Casino at 4. We both played our $5 and I played mom’s and nothing. Sad! We then ate at the buffet and I went to work at the store. I worked an extra half hour tonight as well, the store is just crazy. Not so bad, I had lost two hours at my other job and made an extra one at the store so really I only lost an hour. 

I’ve talked to mom and they still don’t really know what’s up with my brother. He needs to go for more tests tomorrow. He’s looking a little better but mom said she was worried about his feet as they were all blue. He’s diabetic and sometime they need to cut off body parts. Scary! Mom didn’t wanted to ask about it cause she doesn’t want to worry my brother in case it’s nothing. She also said that it looks like he’ll be going back to his apartment when he comes out cause his friends will be cleaning it before he comes out. They want to try to get rid of the smell of smoke cause he wants to stop smoking. I wish him luck on that one. 

Well, that’s pretty much it for today. I’m currently watching an episode but had stopped when mom called and decided to come write before getting back to it. I need to finish that one and another one and then I’ll be all caught up for the week. I’m surprised I was able to make it. I’m still watching way too many shows all at once. 




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