Sunday Artwalk

Got up around 8 AM but went back to sleep till 10AM. Finally got up and get ready for the 11 service. Walked to the theater for the 11 AM service and stayed there for about an hour. The sermon was about the money my least favorite topic… Back to home then headed out to Artwalk.

I actually thought that I’m going to stay there for about 30 mins and go to the coffee shop to work on my side project when I was driving there. However, I ended up staying there all day lol. It was hot and I was tiring walking around but I did it cause it was fun and I just had to see as much as possible. It was so much better than I expected. I don’t think I have ever seen that many arts in a day and appreciated for all those work. I didn’t buy anything since I’m trying to be a minimalist but I would totally do if I own my place or something. Ended up following 2 artist there who has beautiful detailed painting with beautiful color combination and a photographer with a 3d photograph project. Very impressive! I also really enjoyed seeing their loft. Each of them has different design, decorations, feeling, look, and smell. Maybe I could live there too if I can afford one 🙂 Ended up at the musicians loft at 4 PM to see my skating crew. Didn’t know I’m gonna be staying there for 2 hours but I did lol. Saw all of the artist performing with free beer from Jenni. Totally closed out the place at 6 PM and stayed little bit more. Also ran into Lucy’s producer there. Turned out to be a friend of my skating crew.

Drove back to home and stopped by at California market for a dinner cause I didn’t eat anything at all all day. Got kimbop and Guksu combo for dinner and drove right back to home. Shower and watched a Korean movie. Well, I have been wanting to do that ever since I got an internet at home. 11:17 PM now ended up writing all my journals from Wednesday last week. Looking around a ticket to Korea at the same time. Feel little hungry but just want to to sleep now for tomorrow. Getting back to work out routine! Let’s do it!

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