Tomorrow I’ve got a Sociology exam. I haven’t touched the book, let alone studied. The main reason being that I was afraid I would be too tired to even memorise anything, therefore I thought I’d be studying in vain. I’m tired and have been for the past three days because the wind was blowing like crazy non-stop making the blinds on my windows and the doors shake. I don’t know how to describe it, but I’m sure you know what I mean. Every other night or so for the past week I’ve had a nightmare. As always, they’re bizarre and terrifying.

At least once a week there’s a dialogue in my house between my mother and sister that goes something like this:
“But I don’t get it. You’re not helping me at all.”

Moments later:

“You should be grateful. Christ, are your marks an embarrassment for your dad and I!”

“Apologise!” says my sister (now sobbing).

“Solve the problem first!”

Moments later.

“You’re older than me, you’re supposed to know what 5/15 – 3/45 equals!”

Moments later.

“I’ll disown you!”

“You’re the worst person ever, Mum. I wish I didn’t have to live with you in this stupid house. Dad is the better parent, at least he always picks up Nutella from the shop when I ask him to.”

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