10/25/2017: Half Way Through the Week!


Alright so I am so happy to look at the calendar and see HUMP DAY on the calendar. That means there is only 2 days left of school for the week and there is only 3 days left of work for me considering this week I have to work on Saturday. (LAME I KNOW). Anyway, I have been contemplating whether or not I should start a blog and do what I am doing on here on there because I could potentially make it into a portfolio for my schooling. 

I think it would be a good way to kind of have an outlet for myself and then later on I want to kind of explore the realm of photography. I would love to kind of explore that because I love taking photos. I remember back in like July or so I took some photos for my friend Sam and it was for her graduation photos because she didn’t like the ones from before and she wanted some with her cap and gown after her college graduation. 

Also I am a cosmetology student so I think it would be a good way to get my name out there in the open for when I am done with school there will be a higher possibility of getting clients and also if someone asks about my work I will be able to show them my website portfolio. I think it would be a fun little project for me to explore that’s for sure. 

I would also blog a lot of the time on places I go, things I do during the weekend, and or some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to hair, makeup, esthetics, or nails. 🙂 

What do you think I should do? Let me know in the comments 

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