95. An Addict, Recovering An Alcoholic

Hello 3am, my familiar friend. 

Finally things are quiet. Both, my mother, and her husband are out of jail. There has been a no contact order put into place, so Greg is living with his mother under her supervision for the duration of the case, and my mother has been granted the house (she has no other option, where as he does, no favoritism) under my supervision, as I live here. 

As soon as she hit the door she was looking for a drink, it turned into a huge war between her and I. My nana was here she became worried left, and ended up calling Liz and Mark. I think they’re  all worried of the past my mother and I have.  They seem not to remember I’m on probation my self, technically it’s a violation of my probation living with someone else on probation, so there will not be any physical fights. I will call the police before hand. I reassured them all of this. How ever, I do realize that we all want this for mom, and they’ll be here if I call them, although I’m really alone in this. I have to make sure the alcohol doesn’t get brought to her, she eats and takes her meds the way she’s suppose to, fight with her through the withdraws, take care of the house through all of this and all six animals. All while trying not to lose my journey for my self, getting my mothers life together…. I’m just sooo tired. 

I just got home from work, surprisingly enough, my mother didn’t have a vodka fairy drop her off a bottle. At least thus far, it seems she stayed completely sober, and is…. as comfortably as possible with her injuries…. sleeping in the chair in the living room. 

She woke up when I walked in, for that 5 minutes before she babbled her self back to sleep, her voice…. her voice sounded like it did when I was a child…. she sounded like my mom. Not like the woman that has taken over her the past 10 years. I almost cried… I kissed her forehead, and retired to my dungeon. 


Im an recovering alcoholic addict, trying to force another alcoholic, she has a problem and it needs to be fixed…..



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