Annabelle Larkin

Annabelle is a young adult currently residing in Oasis Springs. She is has 2 mums 

One of her mum’s Jasmine Larkin (pictured above with toddler Annabelle) raised Annabelle with the help of Annabelles Grandad Simon.

Simon Larkin pictured above with Geoffrey Landgraab was an exemplary single farther to Jasmine and a brilliant Grandad to Annabelle. Geoffrey coincidently is also Annabelles Grandad and Jasmines other father, not that he acted like one. He was not a part of Jasmines or Annabelles life as his affair with Simon was a secret.

Annabelles other mother Veronica was also a non existent parent. After a short fling Jasmine found out Veronica was pregnant with Annabelle and fought for sole custody as Veronica was a loner and mean spirited. 

Veronica pictured above with Annabelle is currently pregnant with Annabelles sibling. Annabelle is horrified as her mother is an awful person and even she can’t stand her.

Annabelle also recently found out she is pregnant with Generation 4 of the Larkin family.  The father Lucas Munch is unfortunately another lack lustre parent.

Lucas pictured here with Annabelle when she found out she was pregnant. He was not happy as what he didn’t tell Annabelle is that he is married to Sai Munch and already has 3 children, Ainsley, Jessie and Kaley Munch. 

Also just after finding out Lucas aged into an elder and Annabelle kicked him out!

After showing Lucas the door, Annabelle got her act together and got a job as a Tech Guru. She also found a passion for writing and managed to build and furnish a bedroom ready for the New arrival. She was doing it solo, just like her mother and grandfather before her. When she went into labour she should have had the man she loved with her but she was all alone.

She managed to get herself to the hospital to have the baby, and was released that night with her new bundle.

Introducing baby Jacob Larkin!

*That’s the end of the introduction. Please come back for chapter one where we see how Annabelle juggles motherhood with a full time job. Also what will happen with her mother Veronicas baby, I haven’t decided yet.*

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