Day 605 & 606 – Drawing & school

Monday, October 23, 2017

That day was alright.

I began with English and we continued watching the movie. Afterwards I had technology, which nothing new, then I went to lunch to sit with my close friends. In French we simply worked on our presentation and in math we had a substitute, so I talked with Kohai and did my homework.

At home I just relaxed and worked a tiny bit on my presentation, as well as started a new drawing for a Jacksepticeye event.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 

Today was okay.

I started with technology. I’m nearly done the Star Destroyer. Next time I’m going to render it, then save it to my USB so I can get it printed out tomorrow along with some other drawings.

I then had English. We finished the rest of the movie then began studying for our test Friday (which I didn’t know about, so great… Everything is this week it seems.)

At lunch I sat with my close friend as usual and we played a word game as we usually do when we are alone together.

In math we corrected our homework and recieved our tests. I did average once again. Though the mistakes I made are very easily fixable and the next test seems to be basically the same thing, just maybe with more complex questions. Hopefully I do better on that one. That time though I have lunch afterwards, so hopefully I can continue my test into it if need be.

I then had French and we had a substitute. Since the internet is so slow at my school lately, and we couldn’t work on our presentation, we just talked then worked a little bit on math. I was a bit down at that point cause of my test. Even though I didn’t get my hopes up, and I know what I did wrong is so easy to fix, but I still can’t help, but be disappointed and worried. There isn’t anything for me to worry about anyway, but I can’t help it.

At home I wrote down what I needed to say for my presentation, finished drawing for the Jacksepticeye art event :

And then I ate, especially an extra homemade chocolate chip cookie my mom made since I believe I deserved it cause I was down (chocolate makes things better at least temporarily), and then worked a tiny bit on math. I have to ask Kohai tomorrow if she knows what to do for one of them. I’m also hoping we can be the first to present so we can study for the rest, since we have math afterwards.

We also watched a couple of Supernatural episodes and even though I decided I preferred Crowley over Castiel, I found myself liking Castiel again. Probably because he was sorta gone for a while and recently came back. Not sure which I prefer now. Maybe I just like them both.

That’s all for today.

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