Finding the One and Holding on with All your might.

These past couple hours have helped me realize that the one who I am to marry is exactly what I’ve needed and all I’ve needed.

I’ve had clouded judgement mistakes based on some decisions that I have made in the past and it hurts me to this day to see that she still stands by my side after all that I’ve done.

Its not as bad as one would think, but I definitely broke her trust on multiple occasions. Every time was unintentional and not direct by any means, but it took a toll on us as a couple and put me to the test. 

We’ve talked about it and she has forgiven me and I still ask why?

When you make choices in your life make sure you think of ALL the will be affected even if you feel it wont because it always will.

Circles you think are small, might actually be bigger than you think and when things get out that you thought were secure, that feeling is like none other….


I cant describe that feeling other than shock and disbelief. Now you begin to wonder what will happen.


My relationship has been through a lot, lord knows im not perfect but I do try and continue to try and be a better person to my loved ones. My family and my better half mean everything to me and then some. I guess the question is that I always ask my self:


Why did you do what you did? Answer : I just don’t know.

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