Growing stronger

Good morning “goodnight journal”:

Our love continues to grow and flourish.  We renewed our sex life together which, no details but was wonderful.  I have been able to pray to my higher power to lift that last shortcoming, resentment, away from me.  Or as my therapist prefers to call them, dissapointments.  We talked at length after which was crucial.  I told my wife that not doing so often is what my therapist believes was the cause or part of the cause of my sex addiction acting out online.  When she protested that our not having sex often enough was not fair, I pointed out that what I meant was that he identified our lack of talking openly about our relationship, love and the awkward talking about our sexuality was what I meant and what he meant.  She liked that and we will continue to talk about everything openly and often.

In recovery news, I met my sponsor face to face for the first time on Sunday.  Well actually, I had already met him.  He is from this town but moved to Columbus OH about two years ago to take a job.  Ironically, that company is a sister company to one for which I worked here and quit two years ago.  I actually walked out and was manager of the largest account in the whole company.  Long story but it was an awful company in which to work as middle manager.  The executives were all in Manhattan, pulling all the strings here where I had to do all the dirty work.  That was the first time I ever left a company on bad terms without sufficient notice.  Turns out the guy who is my “sponsor”, is married to a woman who was one of my best and brightest.  Upper management ordered that no one was allowed to move from our account to another and his wife reported me to HR for that which was out of my control.  Her husband was the pain in my ass who was pushing her to do that.  And yeah, now he is my until Sunday unknown sponsor.  So not only was he rarely available to take my calls, now I recognized him as the guy who was the husband of the woman who made my life at that company suck.

Small world, and in Sex Addicts Annonymous, that world just got much smaller.  Sigh

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