Went  on the 16th for a pre-colonoscopy appointment and doctor and he wouldn’t do it because I had a flu bug so I cancelled my colonoscopy on the 18th .  Cyphania has gotten really big Cozmo is still getting used to her ,  he better watch out because she’s bigger than him now I’ll give it another 6 months and she’s going to tower over him. Brandy  is Brandy beautiful as ever full of attitude, but I love her that way ,it wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t . Haven’t talk to my mom for couple months now disassociated from Facebook just tired of the bullshit !!We’re going to go open up a savings account that We can’t touch or at least you can’t take money off it from ATM’s. Guess I’ll have to pull out the Christmas tree and get that all set up but I’ll keep you posted 

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