This weekend we spent the day on Sunday at my Mom’s cousin Sheila’s house for a family gathering with all the usual cousins we know. We were in the car riding over. I was having a bad panick attack. It was the worst panick attack I had had in a long time. When we got to Sheila’s house, it was getting closer and closer to the time that I would see Robert. When it was my turn after Mom, I hid behind Mom and when it was my turn I got so shy and was so nervous. He said hi and I said hi back, my face all red and looking down. After awhile, we got a conversation going. Slowly, the panick attack went away. I was talking with him and interacting with him. It felt so good. I was interacting with other people but was quiet at the same. I  enjoyed it a lot. The shyness was still there and the nervousness but the badness of the panick attack and the panick attack in general went away. The food was great. I was hanging out with Collette and Tommy Beck for a little while too. It was such a great day overall and I was sop happy to be there. Robert and I interacted well. The weather was so beautiful. It could not have been a more perfect day outside. It was so great to see everyone. I loved listening and observing while everyone. It was such a great day.  Then today we went to a luncheon at the Harrison House with the family, Grandparents, Robert, Richard, Sheila, Bernie, Tom, Eileen, and Michael. It was great. Robert and I were having a great conversation. I was also listening and observing as well as talking with others. Mom and I got great Omlettes. They do an amazing job with the food there. Then afterwards, we went back to the house with Bernie, Sheila, Robert, Richard, and family including Michael. It was great. We just hung out at the house and talked. I was pretty quiet but talked quite a bit too. Robert complimented on my shadow and makeup. That was so nice. We had dessert as well. Richard is very nice also. I gave Robert a picture of us in the grass with a tree and the sun out. I wrote on it Robert and Margaret, best cousins forever. He was so surprised when I gave it to him. He was so happy that he said thank you so much you are so kind. Then he got a picture of him and I together and then one of us with me holding the picture I made him. I love when we kept hugging each other and I felt so close to him. We’ve really formed a close bond between each other. He makes me feel like I can be free to myself around him and that we can talk about anything and everything. I am so blessed. Thank you God couldn’t be happier than I am right now and it’s such a good feeling!

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