today was my mom’s birthday. i wish i could have been with her today, but i’ll see her soon. 

my mother brought me into this world and thats why i love her so much, i dont think there’s anyone like her in this whole world. i need to ask her for forgiveness if there’s ever been a time where i haven’t thanked her for everything she’s given me. and as ive gotten older i’ve learned that not everyone has a good mother, and i was blessed to have had her as mine. 

she gave me her red hair and cheek bones, thank you mama. i wish i could one day be as wonderful a person as you are. she’s always been my hero, well . . .. her and goku and batman lol. im writing her a letter letting her know how much i love her and respect her, and admire her, and only dream of being the strong woman she is, and not being ashamed or afraid of it.

 je taime ma belle maman. merci pour tout ce que tu as fait pour moi. je te remercierai toujours et je serai fier de toi. je te jure. 

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