Mr Buttons

We spent or remaining few moments together admiring the beauty and awesome power of one another. We held hands in the bus terminal and spun around and around like children on a playground. I remember the look in his eyes and how beautiful his heart and soul were at that very moment. It’s seered in my mind like a tattoo. He’s the part of me that I’ve looked for for a thousand years. That was six months ago. We promised one another we would get clean. We promised our love and support. I promised eternal devotion. 

Last night the last text I got from him was “help me”

My heart is shattered. My tears fall like rain. He has no idea what he has been given… he cannot see or understand. 

Father… take me instead.  Allow me to carry his cross whatever it may be. I will take his burden for him if You will allow. Please father… take me instead?

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