Prince Charming or just a wannabe?

Dear Diary,

I still haven’t decided on what I should name you. Keeping you as Diary or naming you as my favorite celebrity and pretending I’m writing them a letter. Give me another few sessions on what I should call you. By then, maybe I will have my answer on what I need to call you. 

What am I writing today? Well for starters this may sound like the typical Diary entry but it’s a guy. A guy I thought was going to be different but he just happened to show me that he’s just like the rest, but is devoted to what he’s doing.

 So, I met a guy, doesn’t matter where, but I gave him my phone number to get advice. Nothing wrong with that. But out of nowhere, I find myself flirting with him and he does the same as well. We spent hours on the phone talking and having, on what I think was a good time. He said he was “different” and to my defense action speak louder than words. I had also mentioned that to him and he said he going to prove it. Asked me out on a date for a Friday.

Like any other girl, I said yes. Days went by and we talked and flirted until the day of Friday came. He lives in NJ and I live in Staten Island, so it was a 40-minute drive coming to pick me up and I thought it was nice of him. He could’ve let me take the express bus into Manhattan but decided to come and pick me up and head over to the city. He takes me to bar and we had a great time. An amazing time. I was little drunk, and he was a gentleman the whole night. Drove me back home and walked me inside my house. He texted me that he had a great time and that he was coming over my place at 3:30 pm. 

Do you think that happened? No, it did not happen. I had messaged him to double check if he was going to come over. Did not answer me and did not show up at all. He did not text me back late Sunday night saying “he left his phone in his friend’s car, and he dropped it off that late.” I don’t know whether to believe him or not but I just let it go and asked him if he and I were ok and he stated yes we were and that I should continue to look forward to dates. 

So to move along, we continued to flirt and talk and he came over my place for a surprise visit on Tuesday night. We had a nice drive talking and kissed a bit. He then mentioned that he was going to come over the next day and take me out. Once again, that was a lie. He ignored me all day and did not show up. Ever since that night, we haven’t talked and I don’t know why or what I did wrong. I’m going to assume that was a wannabe Prince Charming. At this point, I’m glad that I did not get too attached to him. I’ll keep you posted if he ever replies back but I doubt it.

Sincerely yours,

  • Blair xoxo


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