[102.1] ~*Wed – 10/25/17*~

[8:56 pm]

I finally went to sleep it was past 4 am. I had planned on just reading a little and watching a show from my tablet as I didn’t feel like sleeping at all when I got in bed. The book I’m currently reading isn’t that interesting. I might stop reading it, I’m not decided yet. I will give it a bit more chance and read some more tonight to see if I want to keep reading it or just start another one. Anyways, I read and got tired so I didn’t watch a show in the end. My sleep was good until the morning. I had my phone on silent as I always do cause I don’t want to be woken up but I kept looking at my phone in case mom would of called. I should of just put the sound on. I was worried so I kept looking at the phone. 

I went to work and by 2 o’clock I figured things should be at least the same as mom hadn’t called and I knew she was working for three so I was safe. I need to wait until 11:15 to call her to get some updates on my bro. I could call her at work but I know today is a busy day for her at work. I was tempted to call around two but was too scared. Didn’t want to get bad news and have to work. I rather wait to be home and done with my work day. 

I had some time between clients so I went to the dealership with my friend to get the car. I have a nice reject sticker but hub needs the car to get to work so I had to go get it cause he wasn’t doing it. He’s such a baby. I told him last night he had to take care of that today and of course he didn’t. I wasn’t sure at what time he went to bed, surprisingly I decided for once to no look at the time when he came to bed, but I was sure it was before things were opened and I was sure he wouldn’t wake up before things would close. When I talked to him he said he had went to bed at 6:30 to make sure he’d be up in the afternoon but he only woke up at 7:30 pm. I also called the insurance to get the windshield covered but I have to call another number which I’ll make hub do it tomorrow. 

I shall get in the shower cause I need to wash that lovely hair of mine. Sometimes it’s hard to figure a time when to wash it. I need to do it when I know I have time to straighten it the next morning. I would of had more time to do it this morning but I didn’t felt like drying my hair last night so I didn’t do it. I also still need to do a grocery which I’ll be doing tomorrow. I’ll have to watch what I buy cause we don’t have much money left for the month. Looks like it’s going to be another month where we’re over budget. We really need to work on our spending’s. I guess it’s more me who needs to stop bringing my friend all the time cause that’s always extra money I’m spending. 

I also haven’t applied for that Parole Officer job yet and I have no idea if I should or not. I just don’t feel like doing much right now. Although one thing I feel like doing for some reason is picking up the leaves in my back yard. I normally just leave them there for winter and pick them up in spring so I have less but this year I feel like cleaning them. Maybe not all but at least some of it. I just need to find the time. I still would want to mow the lawn before it snows and for that I need to clean the leaves first as there’s too many to mow them. I guess I’ll see how things goes. I can’t really make plans. 

Well, I shall go take a shower and start watching some shows so I don’t get behind. 




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