Annabelle Ch.1

*Ok so when we left off from the introduction Annabelle (lets say Anna for short) had kicked her baby daddy Lucas Munch to the kerb after finding out she was the other women and he was already married with 3 children. Also She had just given birth to their son Jacob Larkin*

Thing were going well for Anna, she was settling in to the single parent role with flair and although she was struggling to leave her new-born at day-care to go to work she knew she had no choice than to provide for her and her son. No one else was going to do it, she hadn’t had any help from Lucas because he didn’t want to be a part of Jacobs life unless he could be a part of hers and she wasn’t prepared to do that. Anna was also dwelling on the moral dilemma her mother Veronica had put her in. Anna knew her mum Jasmine didn’t let Veronica see her for a good reason, she is a nasty person but Anna knows she’s pregnant and hopes the father will step up and take the baby, because Veronica isn’t aloud to care for children given her issues. Social services would take that baby the moment its born if the father doesn’t come forward. If only Anna knew who he was…

Despite how much she despises Veronica, Anna cant stand back and let her sibling be carted of into the social system so she comes up with a plan. She befriends Veronica with the guise that she wants her to be a part of Jacobs life.

Veronica doesn’t really care about Jacob or anyone but herself, but she knows that Anna has savings stashed away that she might be able to find in the house, so she plays the part of the doting Grandmother for now. Veronica knows the hell her daughter has been through recently having Jacob alone and breaking it off with Lucas, so she hopes she can use Anna’s vulnerable state against her. 

Anna tried to keep focused on her work, after all there was nothing she could do till the baby was born and she found out who the father was, hopefully he would be open to taking on the child.

Anna being Veronicas next of kin was rang by the hospital to say that her mother had walked out after the birth telling them to throw the brat out with the trash, and did she want them to contact the local authority and have the child taken into care. Veronica apparently didn’t even care if it was a boy or girl. Anna got Jasmine to watch Jacob and rushed to the hospital where is when she decided to adopt her new-born sister Carmella. She brought Carmella home, and a shocked Jasmine asked her what happened. Anna said she couldn’t leave her to be raised in the system being moved from home to home, and she still wanted to find her birth father, but for the moment she would raise Carmella and Jacob like twins. 

Jasmine didn’t like the burden Anna was putting on herself but she couldn’t argue with her motives, she helped Anna have the house renovated to make more space for the kids. Anna used all her savings and barley had enough to live on but Carmella would know she is loved as much as Anna’s own son. 

After several weeks and months Anna tried to get in contact with Veronica to find out who Carmella’s father was and to let her know she had a girl and Anna planned to adopt her. Veronica ignored her calls until the night of Jacobs birthday. Veronica rang Anna late at night ranting down the phone how she was good for nothing and she wouldn’t want Carmella after she knew the truth.

Spitefully she spat out the name in triumph. Lucas Munch!!!

Veronica saw how happy Anna was with Lucas before she found out he was a married man and Veronica wanted to punish her for not wanting to see her all those years. So she seduced Lucas, not that it took much the man walking womaniser. 

Anna managed to keep her composure on the phone, but broke down as soon as Veronica had hung up. How could her own mother do this too her, how could Lucas? After hours of tears and questioning why this was all happening to her she picked herself up off the floor. So Carmella was her half sister, she was also her sons half sister! But she would never know, Anna planned to raise them as twins and that’s what she was going to do, Carmella would never know the awkward circumstances that brought her into the world, she would never know Veronica or Lucas, Anna and Jacob were her family now and always.

Anna dusted herself off, kissed the kids goodnight and made Jacob’s birthday cake ready for the morning. Jacob was slightly older than Carmella in age but after the first year no one would know the difference, she was after all his sister, how could they tell?

Jacob aged in to the Most adorable little boy, Anna thanked the stars for both her children and spent some quality time with her son before she had Carmella’s birthday tomorrow. 

The End

*So bit of a shocker there folks, Lucas being Carmella’s father was genuinely not my fault, I had a different plan for Anna and Carmella’s father that sadly wont happen now, but anyway that’s Mods for you. Hope you guess liked it, feel free to leave any constructive criticism in the comments. Next chapter should be out shorty and we’ll get to see Carmella age up!!* 


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