Annabelle Ch.2

 *So when we left off last time Jacob had just aged into a toddler and Annabelle had decided to adopt Carmella and cut Veronica and Lucas out of their lives*

Carmella was just about to age up, Anna hoped that she would look like her and not like Veronica.

Carmella was Lucas’s double, which was a bit of a relief as she looked like Jacob except blonde and she does look a bit like Anna, soo cute!! Carmella and Jacob get on like a house on so well that you wouldn’t be able to tell they weren’t from the same mother, although Anna loves them both the same.

Anna decided to move her family to a new town, to get away from Veronica and Lucas. Her mother Jasmine wasn’t happy but understood why Anna felt the need to get away.  So they moved far away and didn’t tell Veronica or Lucas where they were going.

So they moved to Windenburg so a nice little 2 level house with enough space for Anna and the kids. Anna was getting life back on track, the kids were going to  Daycare so Anna was getting some time to herself, she had been promoted at work and she was staring to socialise more. Anna never really had any friends back home so it was a relief for her toget out and meet new people.

There was a local romance festival on so Anna decided to give it a try and see how things went. It was there among the rose petals where she met Frankie. He was the bartender catering the event and Anna was feeling low and not really socialising as much as she thought so she spent a few hours at the bar talking to Frankie. 

Frankie was so sweet and Anna couldn’t help being attracted to him, something about him just made her feel at ease. He was fun to talk to, she told him all about her mother Veronica and Carmella and he just listened sympathetically. After she was finished telling her story he just touched her face softly and told her how strong she was and how brave she was to do what she has done, raising two kids by herself, and one being adopted.

Anna spent the rest of the night with Frankie and went home walking on air. He asked to see her a few more times, after that Anna invited him home to meet the kids.

Frankie spent a couple of hours playing with Jacob and Carmella, he couldn’t even tell they weren’t twins and loved spending time with them and Anna. 

Anna and Frankie spent the night together and in the morning the kids were running around riot and wouldn’t let Anna get 2 minutes piece. A few weeks later Anna found out she was pregnant with Frankie’s baby, but she kept it a secret from him for another couple of months. She had a plan on how to tell him.

As Anna and Frankie fell more in love with each other Anna wanted to take a gamble on their relationship. She proposed!! 

After Frankie said yes she told him she was pregnant he was a bit overwhelmed but thrilled. He loved her and the kids and couldn’t imagine a better life for himself than with her. They decided to celebrate.

They went to a bar and Anna was on the Orange juice and just as they were getting settled in walks Veronica. She walked right past Anna not even acknowledging her existence. The adoption papers had been finalised a few months back and neither her or Lucas objected or fought for Carmella. Anna didn’t mind, Carmella was her daughter! Carmella would never have to know about them, she had a loving mother and soon a loving father too. Frankie wanted to adopt both the kids.

Anna went off her head at Veronica. Veronica tried to say she was sorry and that she’d been a terrible mother. (understatement of the century) but Anna didn’t care, she was in a good place with Frankie and the kids she never wanted Veronica back in her life. She also never wanted Carmella to find out the truth.


Anna told her to leave her alone and never come back. 

Several months passed and the wedding was sorted out. Anna just hoped that Veronica didn’t ruin the ceremony, but she didn’t let on where she lived now.

Everyone that mattered was there, her kids, her mum Jasmine and her Grandad Simon, they were all the family she needed. Them and Frankie.

The wedding was Beautiful and there were no interruptions. Anna finally got the man and wedding she deserved. 

*Thanks for reading folks. Again Veronica wasn’t meant to show up at the bar but its adds some excitement. Hopefully next time Anna and Frankie’s baby will be born.* 


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