her majesty death

there is nothing more powerful and ultimate than death. have you ever heard about death which resulted in life? but you have about the life ended in death. well. 

death is more powerful than any amount of love you have given away or received in the course of your life. in the face of death there is never enough life or love. you could have always lived or loved more. at the same time, you can’t die any more. 

death is separate and perfect. separate from life and a perfect through which one can look at life. and see that in the end very little if anything matters. 

death is perfect – because it completes its purpose in one go. we don’t die couple of times. we don’t have other attempts at dying, or any other attempts at what we are doing prior to our death. we can have attempts at other loves, for better or for worse. not at death though. we can have many new fresh and promising beginnings. we don’t have other attempts at dying. 

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