Just a little lonely

Feeling like I have not accomplished much in life. That type of lonely. Where everyone is moving ahead in their lives, while I am stuck. But this is a false feeling, I have to remind myself right now that in the past year I have grown. I’ve shed unnecessary relationships, I am financially stable, I am able to stand on my feet after a mortifying break up. And I am comfortable with who I am, and I am taking my time in my healing process. I have come very far this yr, I may not have something tangible to show for, but I have nothing prove to anyone else but me.
I would to go back to school, buy my own home, and learn Korean. These are goals I have, these are realistic goals. I just need to find it in myself to motivate me. At least accomplish one of these goals.

2 thoughts on “Just a little lonely”

  1. Find that strength and motivation within you. It sounds like you have all the tools needed to become the success you desire to be. Only thing now to do is flip the switch. Know your worth and don’t settle for one of your goals complete them All!!!

    Good Luck !! You got this !!!

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