uc berkeley and a new car.

i know bitch a lot about school, but i LOOOOVE UC Berkeley!!!!!! especially all of my amazing wonderful professors who inspire me and make me feel comfortable talking to them about anything. im so glad i didnt choose to go to UCLA, their engineer school is good, their college of chemistry is shit, but nothing compares to uc berkeley college of chemistry, its the cadillac besides MIT and Caltech. same level as stanford. its midterms week this week and ive done 100% in all of my exams so far. i feel really proud of myself for once. especially because i thought i wasn’t going to be able to handle it, but im in the top 5 of my chemistry and engineering classes. like how???? im doing really good in calculus, but im just under an A. but my midterm should barely get me up there. i have to thank my friend/tutor/drinking-buddy Ayato, he’s always so helpful when it comes to breaking down the theories for me. and even if i need extra help and he’s not working, i just buy him dinner and he goes over everything with me for hours. im lucky i met him. 

ive been super depressed lately, for many different reasons. and i definitely sound suicidal in some of my past posts. ive been rereading. 

the good news is that im finally getting a car. since my parents are coming to visit me on the 3rd for my birthday weekend (nov 5th). and my dad is buying me a car as my late graduation present and birthday present. i was originally going to buy a beauty of a thing, a 69 mustang from a seller in bakersfield but he ended up selling it to the highest bidder. oh well. ive decided on my 2nd choice, a more realistic car, and one i really like. so im getting a camaro super sport. 🙂 they’re relatively inexpensive, well a lot less than the mustang. but im building it, so it the price wont really even out anyway. i know im spoiled, but i dont take it for granted. and its my parents graduation present/birthday present to me. 

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