Stressing but I also feel like I have blessings!!

Its been crazy for me I feel beyond blessed because I have my baby steward who has my back no matter what,I get fed and have some where to sleep and I got a job at atento so im happy and blessed for that.  I feel like so much drama has happend lately I got into it with my sister mel wasnt fun she was trying to tell me how to be with stew and how im such a bitch and need to treat him right and she got in my face which didnt end well I havent got in her relationship but she got in mine. All I know is she shouldnt have gotten in my face or in my relationship at all. But im so happy that im with him cause he stood up for me at the end of the day even tho she was sticking up for him. Like supposedly but thats the way we are I play with him but she got all mad when he got mad at me but thats for him to get mad about our argument not her. last I checked it was our relationship not ours.  lol its ok it is what it is but im stressing cause I got bills to pay I want so many things and I have to work twice as hard to fix them and pay for them its not cool at all. . but I will keep my head up cause at the end of the day I have what I need the most my family and my boyfriend the love of my life and soulmate. 

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