Wake up and stop the FUNK!!!

Seriously I’m so tired of being in this “FUNK” that I’ve been in for the past week.

I have a problem of worrying about things that I’m not able to control or is in my past.  I let it consume me to the point where I can sleep, I can’t eat, I don’t work out. Basically I stop taking care of my self and its got to stop here.


Self pity by far is the biggest cop out to me. If you are down and sad about something…GUESS WHAT??? Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Don’t let it keep you down. NO Excuses !!

The Past is the Past for a reason. Sure you won’t be pleased with everything you’ve done throughout your life but today is a new day !!!!


Right your wrongs through your present and future actions. Your past doesn’t need to define you. Your past doesn’t need a platform anymore. If it did it would be your present and future still.


Find that inner strength like I am doing and pull yourself out of that FUNK and focus on being that better person you want. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it in the end.



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