[103] ~*Thu – 10/26/17*~

[11:41 pm]

Don’t you just love it when you’re having an awesome dream and that darn alarm goes off?! Hub came to bed at like 9:30 this morning so I had a bit less than an hour to sleep. I fell asleep and was having an awesome dream when that alarm went off. ARG! I just didn’t wanted to get out of bed at all. I clicked on the snooze button and stayed in bed but got out after five minutes as I knew I had to do my hair this morning. I’m glad I had decided to put the garbage at the road last night cause they picked it up before I left, again. Hub also didn’t call the insurance before coming to bed like I had asked him. When he came to bed he said he would do it before work. I didn’t think he would as he had went to bed late but he did. He also cleaned the suggies kitchen. I’m proud of him! Looks like that windshield will get replaced tomorrow. One thing done, more money out. At least it’s only $100 compared to $700-800. I just hope my car doesn’t cost too much in Dec when it’s time for its safety. I rather not think about it.

I did pretty good today. I went to work, did the grocery, laundry and dishes. I also put away ALL of the laundry after it was done drying. Quite impressive if you ask me as I seem to always just leave it in the dryer or basket. I’m also still all caught up on shows so that’s pretty good.

I’ve talked to mom and they still haven’t woken up my brother. They tried this morning but he was still coughing so they kept him in the coma. They said his breathing got a little better, he doesn’t need the life support as much. They’re gonna retry to wake him up tomorrow. I’m a bit hopeful but I don’t want to be, just in case. As my mom said, even if they do bring him out and he’s sorta fine, he’s still gonna have all the problems he had before going into a coma. It’s not like he’s gonna be a new man so, we just don’t know. She said that they told them that if ever his heart stops, not to revive him. This is just so hard, I honestly don’t know how she’s doing it. I hope she’s alright as she’s not showing any real emotions so I’m not sure how she’s taking all of this. It got to be hard, first her husband, now her son. I really wish I was living closer to my mom so I could spend more time with her. I know two hours isn’t that far but it is when you have a busy life.

I still don’t really want to think about all this so I’m going to stop writing about it for now. Since I’m all caught up on shows and it’s getting late, I shall head to bed and do some reading. Talking about reading, I finally decided to give up on the book I was reading as it wasn’t interesting at all. I’ve started a new one which seems way better. It’s really rare that I will pick a book and not read it but I just couldn’t do it. I think it might of been meant for kids or something, I don’t know. I had just ordered all kind of books from this one author and I know he does kids books as well so I think this one might of been one. Anyways, reading time!




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