96. She makes me laugh

Again…. 3am. 

Hour of writing I suppose. 

Tomorrow, I can’t wait for tomorrow. Well just a few hours at this point. I’m suppose to take a trip and visit this girl I’ve been conversing with for 3 days none stop. I met her years ago at a bar in Youngstown, she would come watch the show, she me perform kind of thing. Even hung out with a few mutual friends I have down there. 

She makes me laugh, like really laugh. It’s fantastic. I’m nervous, every attempt at some kind of human emotional connection has ended up empty. If all goes well, I’m thinking of asking her to be my date to Jay’s Halloween party. He already suggested it, as he knows her. He’s a great fucking guy, has really been here for me. I’m glad I’ll see him tomorrow, 

       I have to be honest, it’ll be weird strolling through the Youngstown area, and not be with Ann. Ha, the flash backs, and heart pinches may be enough to turn me around before I even hang out with this girl. Sad. Really fucking sad…. 



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