Faceless wanderer, with no eyes you cannot see. You only believe the world is shrouded with darkness and with empty curiosity you will never learn. They are stumbling and crying but who replies with mercy? These creatures claw at their wounds hoping to grasp onto a memory but they bleed, all they do is bleed.

Their melodies of beauty and of tragedy, oh do I wait ever so patiently, tasting the agony cowering beneath their words. A sheltering tree that burns with the anger of many – do these embers burn from fear or hatred? Waiting…just waiting for the vulture to gnaw away at the dead, the death of the flesh, why rise at all…as it is only for destruction?

Faceless wanderer. You do not cease to amaze me, your tongue rotted from bitter tales…but you still do find ways to destroy. Is what you see, a world different from all? A piece of a concrete cage, powers to alienate all those who seek something more from those heartless bones? With chains and keys that only belongs to that who sees all.

Do not stand within the sands, you lose your grip upon your own wounds. Afraid and alone, you cannot control. Why won’t you let it go and see the truth?


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