Harry is in nursery at the moment! I haven’t written for a couple of weeks again…Harry got ill again, picked up something else from nursery I think but thankfully I didn’t catch whatever it was. He has been quite unwell with it though, he had a temperature and a cough so I just stayed at home with him last Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the Monday too! Harry’s dad takes Harry out whether he’s ill or not but I’m not like that so I was at home with Harry all those days…just wanted him to recover. When he’s ill he obviously gets really clingy so he was perfectly happy to be at home all those days…he goes out every day during the week usually then every other weekend he’s out a long time with his father and it does get tiring for him! He’s only two!

I wanted to take Harry to his group on Monday but he was coughing and had a really runny nose so he stayed at home again. On Tuesday he went to nursery and he was a lot better by Tuesday, though he was still waking up at 9 or 10 at night because he couldn’t stop coughing and his nose was too blocked to breathe through. Last night he didn’t though for the first time in a while so that’s good! I took him to the play & pray group yesterday and then a bit later he went out with his father again. And he’s in nursery now…1-4pm. He was a bit tearful when I dropped him off at nursery today, though they haven’t called me so he must have settled. Harry actually already is quite popular with the other children there! As soon as I bring him to the door there is another kid already at the door looking up at him and trying to hug and tickle him as they are so happy to see him, and there’s the slightly older children who areΒ all saying “hello Harry!!” they are all happy to see him and that’s nice! I hope Harry does slowly learn to be more sociable and join in with things…that’s the main reason my mum and I thought nursery would be good for him. Also I had to take Harry to the doctors this morning about his eczema and his cough and the doctor said it was good for Harry to be picking up all these viruses from nursery because people who don’t build up their immune system at Harry’s age apparently are more likely to develop allergies. The doctor actually said the immune system gets bored and develops allergies…hmm lol, ok. It makes sense I guess!

Things with my mum are ok I guess…I was quite upset when I last wrote here…well actually things got worse before they got better. Mum was still upset with me and dad but she went out with a friend…when she’s really not getting along with myself or my father she stays out a bit later than she usually does but this particular day she came home strangely early. She said she wasn’t feeling well. She panicked and her face was starting to fall on one side…another mini stroke. My dad rushed her straight to the hospital. I cooked Harry his dinner and gave him his bath and put him to bed…my parents came back when I was having a shower at maybe 8:30pm…my mum had her third mini stroke and she had to take aspirin and other blood thinners. You know sometimes I feel the hospital don’t really know at all why my mum keeps having mini strokes…although she admitted stopping one of the medications and she said she shouldn’t have afterwards…I just said that not even I would suddenly decide to stop taking a medication. When she gets difficult with me and dad is when she makes these silly decisions I suppose. Yet she won’t admit she gets difficult because she is worried about her health, she says it’s just me imagining things but after all this happening loads of times it’s just obvious.

I’m going to have to pick up Harry! I feel like writing more but no time. Harry had an awful tantrum in the pharmacy after his doctors appointment. I should have just taken him straight home and gone for his medication another time really. That I will definitely do in future though. There was a scooter for disabled people on sale in the pharmacy and Harry was trying to climb all over it and the tantrum that followed me not letting him climb on this scooter was horrendous, I was so embarrassed. When they finally gave me his medication and I had to pick him up he was slapping my face and head so much the skin on my cheeks were stinging. He screamed bloody murder in the car park and I couldn’t put him in his car seat for probably five or ten good minutes which felt like a lifetime being constantly hit and screamed at by my two year old!

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  1. What a difficult time for you! I’m sorry Harry slapped you. That hurts in many ways. I’m glad to see your writing on Journal again. I haven’t been on in a while, either. Glad to read your news. Hope things get better, sweetie.

  2. Hi! I am sorry about all the difficulties you’ve been having with your mum and all. But I’m glad you’re still writing, it’s so nice to see you here again πŸ™‚ As always, wishing the best for you and your family <3<3

  3. Thank you so much to you both!! πŸ˜€ <3 <3 <3 <3 πŸ™‚

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