a better tomorrow.

life is starting to come together for me. i had a chem test today that i KNOW i aced. ive lost 10 pounds of belly and thigh fat, and my butt is getting firm AF. all i do is cardio and swim an for 2 hours each day. also, since ive slowly transitioned to a vegan diet my skin is so smooth and clear, no break outs for 2 months, not even once. 

good news, my professor cancelled lecture for the calc class tomorrow. which means i get to start my weekend early since i never have classes on friday. 

bad news, some lame drama is going on today. apparently Ayato’s girlfriend doesn’t like it that we’re always hanging out together. i totally get it thou, if he were my boyfriend i wouldn’t be happy that he’d be hanging out with one specific girl almost every weekend. i told Ayato that i didnt want to start any problems for him, so we should respect his girlfriends wishes. he was kind of bummed too but i dont want him to have drama with his girl because of me. and even thou i do find him totally hot, he’s way out of my league to be 100% honest. which is why its totally innocent between us, and all we do is clown around and go to restaurants. AND im always buying because he’s my math tutor (on campus) and sometimes i need extra extra help outside of tutoring hours with assignments or exam prep and i buy him all he can eat and he helps me on his own time. uhhhh i dont know why i feel the need to constantly rationalize why we’re always together, maybe i do feel defensive since she brought it up.

BUT the only reason we’re always hanging out, besides math tutoring and actually having mutual things in common,  is because SHE never wants to hang out with him. all she wants to do is hang out with her girls and ignore him unless she wants him to buy her food or clothes. but i digress, if she wants to control his circle of friends there’s nothing i can do. she needs to stop being such a major bitch to him thou, he’s a good guy (really weird and socially retarded) but a good person, she takes way too many liberties with him. i’d never tell him this but the only reason they’re together is because they’re both 10’s. he’s a perfect 10 and so is she, and i guess they feel the need to date someone as attractive as themselves. because from what ive observed they have nothing in common at all. she doesnt even respect him, she treats him like her slave. he gives her anything just for 10 minutes of her time. and she’s a prissy victoria secret barbie-bitch and he’s like another green-eyed version of andy black. but whatever, i have enough relationship problems of my own, i dont need to get involved in other peoples drama. 

so tomorrow i got a free day, what am i going to do with it? 

2 thoughts on “a better tomorrow.”

  1. Thrust me I know that type of BS, but what I learned is that usually I have a innocence crush on a guy closes to me. i would never act on it because I know its better if i wait. i feel like you like him

  2. Well he is a very attractive guy, there’s no denying it. But I only think he’s hot, I don’t want him. And it would be stupid to hook up with him since I need him/his resources, but more than anything I do not want a relationship with anyone at all whatsoever. Plus he’s totally pussy whipped by his girl ,and I like men that are assertive and dominant ; not ones that cave to me.

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