[104] ~*Fri – 10/27/17*~

[11:24 pm]

I thought I was being good last night but in the end it didn’t work. I went to bed it was a bit before midnight so I thought I would get plenty of sleep. Once in bed I started playing my farming game then I went to get a drink and talked with hub for a lil and read once I was back in bed. That said, when I finally took my pill I had six and a half hours left to sleep. Bleh!

This girl that works with hub wants me to go to this Xmas showcase next weekend with her. I don’t celebrate Xmas and don’t like it so I don’t know about it. I also work so I’m debating on taking some time off to go with her but as I don’t like Xmas I’m not sure. I still haven’t answered her which I should in case she needs to find someone else to go with her. It’s rare that people invites me to things so I’d like to go but meh.

Another friend also invited us to go over tomorrow night as it’s his girlfriend Bday and he wants us to play some games. That could be fun but I already have a feeling I’ll be tired. I guess we could go for a few hours or something. I’ve already done the laundry yesterday so I’m good on that side. I think I will start doing it on Thu instead of Sat. One thing that is awkward, I have a client that now lives in the same building as this one friend and they live side by side. I haven’t been to my friend’s since my client moved there so that could be a bit awkward, especially that I would be going there right after dropping him off. Of course I wouldn’t be going in at the same time as him cause I don’t really want him to know I have friends that live there and I’d also be taking the back door but I might run into him. Oh well.. 

Today I was hoping my client wouldn’t take much time as I was tired but of course, she had a doctor’s appointment. It still went fairly quick and she went for groceries afterward. I came back home and had like an hour and a half to nap. Hub had went to get the windshield fix so that’s done. I did the rest of my day and even did an extra half hour with my last client for free. We were at the club and they were having an Halloween party so I decided to stay a lil longer even thought my client doesn’t really participate in anything. I got home and I called my mom, my mother in law and my friend. Mom said my brother was still the same. They tried to wake him up but once again, didn’t as he was still coughing. 

I just watched the last episode of Superstore and I told myself “Dina is so wearing the same costume as last year Halloween’s episode”. Halfway in the show Cheyenne comes and says “Isn’t that the same costume you wore last year?”. LOL!

I’m not looking forward going to the movies with my client tomorrow. We’re going to see Jigsaw and I really don’t want to see that movie. I was hoping he wouldn’t either but of course, he does. I just can’t do those movies, I can’t do gore. I guess I will have to close my eyes.

I have one more show to watch to not be behind but I think I will go take a bath before watching it even if it’s late. I just need a nice bath. I will put an alarm so I don’t stay in there too long.




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