A relaxing Friday

today’s events:

Slept in pretty late till 7:45am, rushed off to work. Leaving at around 8:05, took HWY 407 for the first time in a while, got to work with 5 minutes to spare.

Encountered 2 Spanish-speaking patients at work, rejuvenated my passion for learning Spanish again. Logged into Hellotalk, last visit was >1 week ago

Came back to FMP for dinner, hoping some of my friends would meet me there before going to escape room. Only Yuanda came around 8:45pm, a bit disappointing but understandable. He mentioned a recent date which fizzled quickly within the first few minutes due to lack of chemistry. It goes to show that no matter how much your interests seem to connect online, the real litmus test comes during the first meeting in person. I only know Aoran and Claudia from high school, the rest of the group I only met recently.

Ancient Pyramid @ Trapped, escaped with 14 minutes to spare. The room wasn’t as difficult as I thought in retrospect. 8 people was overkill, there weren’t that many steps to the puzzle, but each individual step gave us some trouble somehow. 

Anyhow, had to leave early so I could get home and sleep early. I am very awkward at goodbyes – this is something I need to work on. Being the host of this event, I felt a bit more confident since I had the respect of the group. NEXT TIME – I will shake hands / hug / fist bump everyone. Acknowledge each person – very important, as brief as it might be! 

Today, I made a promise to Laura this morning that I would enter the guest information into the Google Drive. I kept that promise. That makes me happy. It increased my self-confidence. My words matched my actions. 

Logo – working on ELEGA still. 


9-3 WORK

3-4 commute. Where can i buy an agenda? would help with organization. Maybe a dry-erase calendar would be helpful too, I could hang that on my wall and fill in important deadlines to meet for product research -> supplier contact -> sample orders -> placing order -> inspection + final payments -> shipping -> listing optimization + product photography

Amy’s birthday is tomorrow too! BUY CAKE on the way home!

Goodnight World.



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