Confessions of a Risin’ Star-Body Talk by Majid Jordan

(shot taken while out with, a ‘few’, tonight)

Biting amid biding between whether or not we’re contrite, or when we’ll meet, again…

Typically, the hardest, most truistic, difficult to digest, yet freein’ life strategies to construe, lies within, the self. Tonight, instead mind mullin’ over the plethora of new women in my life, I’ve fallen into myself, again. Not so much about whatever these new relationships shall become, but more about how long I’ll keep them around…

See, it’s in my hands. I am my master.? Or in other words, we create our realities…Right? 

If such is so, than what’s to say about what’s around us, behind us, or most importantly, in front of us. Such is one of the secrets to truly…? 

Choose your own, ‘adventure’…tonight…;) 


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