” – There is this crazy play.

  –  What do you mean?

 – Before you get to know the rules you get to face different kinds of opponents; but you don’t know how frustrated I was when I found out that the people I played with gave up the game completely.

.- …..

 – To me, it means that I had no value to them. To them whether they lost or won against 

me it mattered to them least. 

   After I found this you don’t know how frustrated I was and I still am. I am growing tired 

with every play and I don’t even know which one holds importance to me.

  –  – …but you did see a partner in one of them at least.. didn’t you?

       – now that you mention it I did

        – What happened.

        – I cannot see that person again. At that moment I thought he was like the others rest and I pushed him aside.

        But even so I cannot meet him, … he is a famous perso. Above all else everyone wants to profit over his talent; finding him would mean that I would have to take that away from him.  

      –  For sure, you can find  that talent in someone else..

      – You’re right, I can but still I don’t wish to…” 

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