Thursday October 26 2017

I found myself wandering Oxford Street in London in search of souvenirs when I stopped for a brief moment to see if Sarah had been enjoying some kinky chat online with Chris?  After all, she had been rather quiet over the previous half hour or so and my instincts were nailed on!  The dirty girl had been getting off with her fellow Pom for almost an hour.  They had even timed their showers so they could think of each other as they got under the hot water and lathered up in soap.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Sarah opening up to her fantasies and desires over recent weeks.  She’s gradually becoming more comfortable within her own skin and not thinking about things too much.  Their sexting tonight was hitting incredibly horny levels which, in turn got me going.  So much so that I was in an instant state of sexual hunger and aroysal for her.  Desperate for her creamy pussy if I may say so myself.

Feeling like I needed to get a release, I looked up at a bus pulling out over the other side of the road and once gone, Ann Summers was revealed!  It was meant to be I thought to myself so over and in I popped thinking I might grab a couple of items to take back with me.

Sexually, Sarah and I are so incredibly in sync with each other.  It’s kind of a massive bonus because we match so well on other levels.  She stimulates me like nobody has before.  It’s a most beautiful bond we share already.  Something that won’t ever be broken as our journey together continues.

I sent through a few photos of some nice outfits and toys that were returned with Sarah’s tick of approval and even the three shop girls got in on the act wanting to know our story.  Before long, a few customers also involved themselves.  They were surprised that a male seemed so knowledgeable and capable of being able to shop for his partner but I confided that it was down to years getting in touch with my feminine side and having a craving to treat Sarah like a Princess.  After all I told my crowd of curious thrill seekers, Sarah is my everything!

Bewtween texting Sarah for her valued input and discussing matters with the girls in store, I soon found a nice bundle of toys, outfits and naughty gadgets building up on the shop counter.  The only question was what to get and what to leave behind.  One thing I know is that next June, Sarah and I will be having a day out in London at this very same store to pick up even more naughty treats together!

An hour later, I found myself walking out of the store with a little more than a “couple of items” as I had first intended but my goodness, we are going to have some very naughty fun when I arrive back to the Gold Coast on Sunday!  And isn’t that what being in a loving relationship is all about? 

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