Another day

Not much has happened today.

I went to work as usual. Since I’ve been working at this place for around two months I feel like I’m getting more confident with each shift.

I remember on my first day I was quite nervous and being me, I was really awkward when people said hi to me for the first time. I’m a very awkward person. Although, sometimes I unintentionally cover it up by just seeming like a person who doesn’t like talking to people. Depending on the mood I’m in, that can be slightly true at times but in general, it’s not that my lack of sociability with others is due to my lack of interest, but more of my inexperience in natural and comfortable social communication. Oh, I do have friends and I can certainly make more of them, however it takes a bit of courage and time to think scenes through in my head on how I would go about interacting with someone.

Now this is the problem with this part of me. While I am capable of being on genuinely friendly with someone after some getting used to, many people might think that I’m not too interested in wanting to get to know more about them. That’s why I am aware that people’s thoughts and their behaviour can be completely separate, and not just the ‘wake me up inside’ attitude but just that you can’t make significant judgements on people without getting to know them.

I know we all judge people every day and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Humans have complex minds so we tend to infer from the surface to attempt to grasp at what lies underneath. That being said, we all also have times where we want to hide certain feelings due to embarrassment, shame or just for the sake of privacy. That’s why when we go about our lives, we should be mindful of being too inwardly critical of people when we may not even have a clue on what their different perspective might be like.

– – –

…And back on track, after work, I waited to be picked up outside since it was a rather nice day. I waited too long however, and I had no choice to eat my food then.

When my dad finally arrived, I sat in the car while he went to buy some food for himself. Unfortunately he left the car locked and took his keys with him so I couldn’t unlock the car doors, also the car detects movement while it’s locked and sounds an alarm to warn thieves. It’s way too sensitive though as while I attempted to take a bite out of my food while I was in there, the car emitted that horrifying noise – three times while I was stuck in there as well.When he came back and I was still a bit irritated.

We went to a barber so he could have a haircut. While I waited in the car I fell asleep. It must’ve been the late nights I’ve spent gaming. Oh well, drifting off in the day feels pleasant.

After that, we went home and I just chilled for the rest of the day: playing and downloading games as usual.

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