“NO, SIR! (Never About Comfort)”

No, sir!

Where did you get the idea

that it was about comfort?

Where’s your empathy?

Your statement has caused a lot of hurt


No, sir!

How could you ask such things?

Why second-guess the victims?

People like you are the reasons

they never feel safe

reporting what’s caused their bereft


With all due respect, sir

do you have to wait

until this happens to your sister or daughter?

Rape is rape!

As the law enforcement,

You’re supposed to know better


So no, sir

Your biased statement is unacceptable

Your prejudice has stirred up more trouble

You should help us to find the solution

instead of more harsh judgment and condemnation


Do us a favour, sir

have a heart

despite your power

don’t act a lot worse

than those cold-blooded monsters

and society who do nothing

but more victim-shaming…



(Jakarta,21/10/2017 – 8:00 pm)

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