Confessions of a Risin’ Star

Above Pic: U always remember your first, Benz (shot from my iPhone)

When you truly rise, it is n’t so much about the how, or even the when…It’s truly about, why… 

It’s easy to see why someone would fathom the idea, conception, or even perhaps ideology of fame, prosperity, and stardom. But, why on earth follow through with, such? 

Yeah, I know. Ya see the women. Yes, even my casual sex is even more surreal than anything the typical, could imagine. Yes, of course, I’ve humbly obtained pretty much everything I could imagine, up to this point. Still, there are some things I still wanna do. I mean, what is life without things (or even tings) to shoot for…;) 

But, there’s an underlying reason, that ya keep winning & elevating, day after day, moment after moment, and anxiety attack, after elongated stressed out days. (I would suppose it’s different for each star, or person, as we are all stars, right?) 

For me? It was, self respect…

There was never enough of it, in everything else I chose, expect wealth. Such was how, I found, my way. All of the days jobs, fake & jealous friends, family members, neighbors, found some kind of way, to repeatedly undermine me, demean me, and overlook me. So, I chose the route typically less traveled, ya know, the high one…:-P 

And yes, there are still those who occasionally circumference me, emittin’ some kind of ill will, vibe, or perception, that may somehow, oppose my own.  But, my understanding that all is relative, overshadows them. That, and the reality that, not only do I do things, they could only imagine, or read about, but, they couldn’t even come close to stomachin’, even the outer edge, of what I exude as, reality…



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