Day 608, 609 & 610 – Portfolio day

Oops! Didn’t mean to miss three days. Thought I only missed two.

Thursday October 26, 2017

Now I don’t remember much about this day. Oh wait! I remember. I had literally nothing to do at school that day. So, boring day really.

Friday, October 27, 2017

I started off with an English test. It went pretty quickly and it was super easy, because the review questions our teacher gave us ended up being the same on the test. The only difference was there was only 3 instead of 4 questions, and one was about the 2 main themes and not just one.

Afterwards I had technology and I tried doing some Photoshop stuff, but it wasn’t working out.

At lunch I sat with my close friend and Kohai, then I went off to French. We had presentations so I listened to those, then I went off to math. We reviewed our test, which I got a 4+ on! I’m so relieved. I’ve been struggling and I finally seem to be making a comeback. Now French is where I need to up my game, although it isn’t my most important class for where I want to study at college (gonna be studying in English instead). So no pressure, just to keep my average up.

At home I made sure my portfolio was ready for tomorrow.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

We drove for four hours to another city to get my portfolio critiqued for a possible university I might go to. Usually it takes two hours, but there was a lot of traffic and construction, it was crazy. We finally got there though, and I became really nervous, which is only normal. Eventually it was my turn and the professor asked me two questions before we began : If I went to a 13th year thing that you can do in Quebec, or if I come from an art school. I said no to both, then she told me they are looking for actual fine arts and not commercial animation, so no cartoons, no Disney, no video games, no dragons, none of that. So at that point, I thought “Well, there goes half my portfolio.” I even have a dragon in it. She then explained their program trains students to either work for the government on animated documentaries and such, or to be independent. So immediately, my parents and I knew this wasn’t the program for me. She went through the portfolio anyway and even though she said no to most, cause it was not what they were looking for, I got some good critique on some of them. She concluded by saying that I have talent, I have understanding of space, colours, and my lines are neat, however, I have the wrong material. They want to see sculptures, paintings, etc. Actual fine art stuff. She said I wouldn’t really have the time at this point to make a portfolio for that, and usually anyway, most students that apply there are not high school students and are older ones with a year or two of practice before they apply. They sometimes accept some, but it can be very difficult to either be the youngest or oldest of the group. I nodded and she asked me if I had any questions, but told her my questions were already answered. She apologised about talking so much and I said no problem. I thank her a lot, since it was really nice having the critism I needed, even if I got denied for most. Afterwards my parents and I went to discuss in the hallway. We all knew right off the bat that this was not the type of program for me. They don’t look for the type of animation I want to go into, and so we decided to forget having a tour or anything else, because I wouldn’t study there. Instead we went out to get food after being recommended a burger place. It was sooooo good. I normally don’t order burgers when I go out, but dang. Anyway, we discussed everything and we knew for sure that the college near where I live is best for me; it has the program with the type of animation I want, and when we mentioned it to the professor, she and the one next to her that was talking to another student, agreed with us that it has a really good program, and that they see them at festivals and other events often. So my mom and grandmother are now very relieved that I’m not moving away for college, haha. My mom says my brother is too, but he won’t admit it, and I bet so too, haha.

Anyway, it encouraged me, because she said I had the talent, I just didn’t have the right material for their program. So if I continue on the same track, I should be fine.

This time it only took us a couple of hours to get back, but it felts like minutes, cause I was so happy. I also texted Kohai that it might not be the best place for her either, since she wanted to apply there also under fine arts, and not sure if that’s her thing. It might be, I don’t know, but she’d have to practice first, since it’s hard to get in.

At home though, after talking to my brother about everything and eating, I got sad. I had nothing to be sad about. I bet it’s just almost my time of the month and the nervousity or excitement of the day, but I’ve been like this for a while. I’m doing better in school and everything, although the good marks only make me happy for a few hours, then I feel crappy over nothing. I talked to my second parents and what they say he’s like my  second brother (an online staff friend) about it, and they supported me and made me laugh, which was nice.

I watched a couple of episodes of Supernatural and now I’m going to bed. Ushering tomorrow.

That’s all for today.

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