I did what you asked

Earlier this week I was walking with one of my dogs when a woman offered me her pit bull. I said no thank you & continued with my walk. I was telling my mom about it when I realized it was my neighbor across the street. My mom says ‘go over there and get that dog and take it to the shelter.’

This morning I go over to speak to my neighbor about her dog. I learn it’s the son’s dog & they want to place him in a loving home. It’s a boy, so I immediately say ‘he can’t come into my house, my big dog won’t have it.’ We talk for an hour. I Learn there are 2 dogs, neither are fixed & live outside. I explain 50% of your problem is the testicles & 50% is lack of training, the pit bull is VERY insecure. He goes inside to talk to the family about what they want to do, they want to keep the dog. I learn it’s the 6yo boy’s dog but Mom doesn’t want it. (I hate people that get animals for their children then rely on them Solely to care for it. Not fair!)

By now I think I have the son convinced to get the dog neutered. I offer training tips and We come up with a plan to keep the dog in the yard. I explain neutering & training will allow them to bring the dog inside. 


They still what this 6yo little boy to be the care giver. So dad brings out the kid.  I ask if he would come over every weekend to learn how to own a dog? He of course agrees. I explained a few things we are going to learn & he seems excited. I’m thrilled because the dog is staying in his home, hopefully getting neutered, and a kid is going to learn how to really love and care for an animal. (A serious problem with today’s youth.) Plus the dog is scared, I live that life & it’s not fun. The training will make him confident & once he’s neutered he will have friends across the street to play with. My pack will teach him how to be a dog again. This is a HUGE WIN. 

I called my mom to tell her about the dog and not 5 minutes in she’s yelling that I’m putting words in her mouth. What she doesn’t understand is I went over there to do exactly what she asked but the conversation evolved to the above outcome but a he isn’t having it. Luckily my cat got outside so I could hang up.

all I can say is I can’t wait until my therapist is ready to talk about my family because everything I do is wrong and now I can’t even talk to my mom about general life. She told me she doesn’t want to talk about my brothers and the above isn’t the first time I called to talk and she didn’t want to hear it.

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