Private Life of a House of Five (Aiden) Spooky Time!

This was awesome! Last night Sir surprised everyone with a trip to a haunted corn maze! I love scary stuff so I was pumped! I had never been to the one we went to and it was a pretty long drive but man was it worth it!

First off you could see all these crazy buildings in the maze that were insane to go through. We could see them from the line that we spent a half hour in (ugh.) Once we got in there we heard chainsaws and these crazy guys chased after us! They were hiding in the bright lights. 

Then, we got to this house that reminded me of the creepy house from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They had thunder sounds and lightning going which made it even scarier for all of us. Inside it looked like a slaughterhouse which was awesome!

But the best part of the maze was going into the Krampus house. You know what Krampus is right? Just in case you don’t he is the opposite of Santa. He’s a half goat half demon creature who punishes children instead of giving them gifts. 

Distorted Christmas music was playing and there was blood everywhere, but the best part was seeing a GIANT Krampus roaring in this blood soaked room with a dead person in his mouth. 

I started laughing because when Krampus roared Sir jumped out of his skin! Imagine a big burly man with battle scars and looks like he could kick the crap outta anybody jumping outta his skin! I’ve never seen Sir like that before and it was priceless! I think he might’ve peed a little too. 

We didn’t get back to the house until around midnight and the second we did we all passed out. Fun scary night!

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