21 Day Fast – Day 1

From previous experience of fasting and also reading many articles and testimonials from other fasters – It is safe to say that making it past the 2-3 day mark will be the hardest part. 

From here on out, hunger should dissipate and the benefits of fasting really start to ramp up.  I have certain lines of defence set so that I don’t break the fast.  I consider myself to have strong willpower and motivation but no where near the amount of discipline that I should have.

The line of defence is as follows;

1: Previous past experiences with fasting.   (Longest 68hrs)   Positive mental feedback loops.

2: Journal about thoughts, benefits, future outcome, past habits and the experience in general.  Eradicate all notions of breaking the fast as this is NOT an option.  Everyday will be like compounded benefits and shall each come with it’s own lesson and wisdom to take from it.

3: 1 litre of water with squeezed lemon

4: Black Coffee

5: Black Coffee (Large with sweetener)

6: Diet Soda with Ice

7: Ciggie (I don’t smoke but nicotine certainly is known to surpress appitete)


I clearly have some methods which other would call extreme, but the way I see it, getting past the first 2-3 days is kinda hard and the brain can play many tricks.  I’m looking forward to getting on to the 4th day and onwards as I haven’t delved that far into a fast before. 

Later I will Vlog, take some photos and come back to this journal.

Tonights plan is to work on the lit. review, crack on with some more JS and apply to some more viable jobs.   My previous jobs have impacted huge on my sleeping pattern and general flow.  The money just isn’t worth it to sacrifice my productivity level at the minute.

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