Day 30 – 30 Days of Thanks

30 days again. Time travels quickly. I didn’t write every day this month, but I was very conscious of the world around me and the things I was thankful for. 

A few days ago I felt a little wiggy (I wrote about that) and the feeling hasn’t passed, maybe even intensified. I decided to examine my feelings deeper and get to the root of the problem. 

Why am I unsettled?  Am I having age-related “hot flashes” or small panic attacks?  What is my mind so preoccupied with? 

Wanna know the truth?  My life feels so close to perfect now. I’m so happy….I’m too happy!  That sounds ridiculous right?  But I believe my subconscious mind is rooted in fear and I’m having anxiety waiting for the bottom to fall out on it all. 😔

I confided in my sweetest friend and she offered the best advice.  I won’t recreate her words, I will quote them – “Take it one day at a time….you are in protection mode waiting for bad to happen again. Trust and believe you have a new fun life now!!!!”

What can I say; these words mean everything to me.  They are words of truth. On this last day of thanks I promise to learn to trust; to believe my life is fun and close to perfect now. I give thanks for having the most beautiful people in my life; who are always here for me with comfort, hugs, caring and love. ❤️

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