Day 611 & 612 – Church, recommendation letter & talking

Sunday, October 29, 2017

That day was alright.

My mom told me beforehand that my ushering time was coming to a close, and that if I wanted to continue, I’d get a new schedule, if not, that I should tell the person in charge of ushers. I decided after ushering that it might not be my kind of thing. I want to help my church, but ushering doesn’t seem to be the way I can really help, because I’m awkward and quiet; usually ushering consists of greeting people that are coming in and so it doesn’t really mash up with me. Although, I know someone needed help to record the service for our YouTube channel, but I said no to the offer, because of how busy I was. But if he hasn’t found anyone yet, I’d be more than happy to help now.

At home I read some more of my French book, played This War of Mine, and relaxed.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Today was good!

I started off with technology. I watched a video with Kohai of my teacher’s R2D2 with kids at a comic con, which was adorable. Afterwards I asked him if he could write me a recommendation letter for college. He said he’d be happy to and that he would write it as soon as possible. Fifteen or so minutes later, he finished it and gave it to me. I thanked him a lot. What he wrote was very well worded. My mom thinks he should have talked more about my work, but I think personality wise, he showed that I was hardworking and easy to work with, so I believe that’s a win.

Afterwards I had English. We corrected our English questions on Othello and read some of it.

At lunch I sat with my close friend, Kohai, and her friend group.

In math we had a substitute, so Kohai and I began talking. Although, the sub told us to get to work. I silently took my math out and worked on it a bit. Later on I showed some of my music to Kohai and she talked about hers. She said we should go back to a time where we would constantly share our music, and I agreed.

In French we listened to presentations. I was guilty a couple of times for talking and being shushed because a presentation was beginning. I feel kinda bad now, but I’ll just make sure it won’t happen again. Kohai and I also got a 4 on our presentation, which is good!

At home I took a shower and all, because my hair was crazy wave/messy/curly from the rain this morning. It was raining hard and because of the strong winds, I couldn’t use my umbrella. My hair + rain = big mess. So I had to deal with my hair looking like a nest all day and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. Afterwards I ate, relaxed, played some Club Penguin, and now I’m gonna watch an episode of Stranger Things s2.

That’s all for today.

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